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Capital Raising

Our capital formation and raising advice aims to objectively address capital preservation and access, ongoing challenges for small businesses, by improving our clients' capital allocation and access to funding from appropriate capital partners. By designing cost-effective capital solutions, we help our clients overcome financial constraints and allow them to remain focused on their business while funding is secured from a broad spectrum of investors/lenders and in various forms such as bank loans, project finance, private placements or funds from crowdfunding campaigns.
What we deliver

We offer strategic advisory services on capital structures and we search for funding from a pool of potential capital partners.
Analysis of current capital structure (debt/equity), requirements and guidance on capital alternatives
Screening of potential capital partners from a broad spectrum of investors/lenders
Preparation of pitch deck for raising capital, including business plan and forecast typically required by investors/lenders
Analysis of potential funding (terms and conditions such as timing, cost, valuation and structures)
Assistance in negotiations leading to a formal definitive agreement and closing of the transaction
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