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Bridging the geographical gap in Florida: Opportunities for U.S. firms and Latin American communities

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Florida is ideal for connecting the U.S. to Latin America’s emerging markets. It is known for its cultural diversity and Spanish regularly overheard on the streets of Miami is a reminder of the overwhelming influence of its many Latin American communities. The Sunshine state has long been a popular destination for Latin Americans to move their assets, especially at times of turbulence back home, because it is a place where doing business is easy. This is because they benefit from solid U.S. institutions, which removes the obstacles that typically get in the way of business in Latin America, and Florida consistently ranks among the best states for business in the U.S. with low tax rates, low regulatory hurdles and strong intellectual property protection. Since the first major wave of Cuban immigrants, following the Revolution in 1959, Florida has received significant inflows of affluent migrants from various countries, such as Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and others. Today, these communities are diverse and multifaceted, with a sizable portion of Hispanics (~22% of the state’s population, according to the 2010 U.S. Census), many Portuguese-speaking Brazilians and several smaller communities from the hemisphere.

Over the years, regional or South American offices have been set up in Florida by multinational companies interested in doing business with Latin America and countries from the hemisphere come to Florida to explore the opportunity of selling in the U.S. market. Whether they represent a global company such as Televisa or are part of a smaller enterprise from Brazil, these offices are drawn by the invaluable availability of multilingual staff with Latin American market expertise, including financial advisors, accountants, business consultants and attorneys. Also, the short distance of travel to their home countries makes it even more attractive for Latin American businessmen. These are just some of the many reasons why Miami, Florida's most populous metropolitan area, has become the unofficial "Capital of Latin America", or "Gateway to the Americas”, where global companies manage their business in Latin America or across all the Americas.

Growth in Florida is significant across the board and U.S. firms are always looking for deals in Latin America. Ki Solutions is among the various knowledge-based service providers specializing in Latin America. With strong expertise in working with the region, we have experience in doing business there, understanding the business environment and languages. In addition to providing the means for you to navigate the U.S. and Latin American markets, we can translate your business plan, figuratively and literally, into a document that can be used as means of communicating your business ideas to potential investors and financers in the U.S. and in Latin America.

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